Refund Policy

The present Refund Policy is part of 3S Cloud Render Farm's Terms of Service.

In order to ensure the customers' benefits, 3S Cloud Render Farm commits to refund you with rendering credits for eligible cases.

1. To place a refund for rendering jobs on 3S Cloud Render Farm (“3S" or “we" or “our" or “us"), you would need to contact us via email at or the chatbox on our websites.

Please have your username available and provide a reason for your request in order to speed up your refund process.

2. If there are any refund requests for a rendering job on 3S Cloud Render Farm, our technical team will investigate the issues and their original cause then will help you resolve them.

3. Please follow the following instances to see what 3S Cloud Render Farm will consider eligible for refunds by the value of rendering credits that it took to render:

  • A job has failed due to our system’s error.

  • An incorrect frame caused by our system's error.

  • An error in the calculation and deduction of credits due to our system's error.

4. The instances 3S Cloud Render Farm will consider ineligible for refunds as follows:

  • A system failure or an incorrect frame caused by customers' error, even if the analysis system did not warn about any missing assets or any errors.

  • A customer requests a refund due to the difference in the rendering cost between the actual render and our Cost Estimator or our Preview Render feature. (Please keep in mind that the estimated cost from our Cost Estimator or our Preview Render feature is for reference purposes only, the actual cost might be higher or lower than the estimate.)

  • There is no proof that a system failure took place during the rendering process, which led to an incorrect frame. (You had better have render tests before actual renders).

Last update: 10 December 2021

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk to you.

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