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Official Jobs
Offical renders
  1. 1.
    Progress: The completed percentage of rendering progress
  2. 2.
    Status: Show that your job is initializing, rendering, or completed
  3. 3.
    Cost: The number of credits it spent on rendering the job
  4. 4.
    Job ID: The ID of a job you created. And if there are any issues, please let us know your ID job for assistance
  5. 5.
    File Path: Click the file path to go to the project folder
  6. 6.
    Frame: The range of frames you selected to render
  7. 7.
    Submitted At: The time you created a job
  8. 8.
    Start Render At: The time your job started rendering
  9. 9.
    Completed At: The time your job completed rendering
  10. 10.
    Delete: delete the job
  11. 11.
    Clone: duplicate jobs you launched to re-render
  12. 12.
    Get log: get the information of your render job if there are any issues
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  • Browse outputs: see all of your outputs and download each of them.
  • Download: download all of your outputs at the same time in an archived file.
Preview Jobs
Preview renders
  1. 1.
    Cost: The number of credits it spent on rendering the job. However, it's free for the preview renders.
  2. 2.
    Cost Estimation For Full Render: The cost you might spend on your official render
  3. 3.
    Estimated Time For Full Render: The time it might take to render your official job
  4. 4.
    Review & Launch Render: Review the scene file and submit an official job.
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