Render Manager

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Render Manager

  1. ID is the identifier number of a render job you created. And if there are any issues, please let us know your ID job for assistance

  2. Engine: The render engine you use for a job, such as Octane, Redshift, V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, Cycles, Eevee, LuxCoreRender, etc.

  3. Submitted Time: The time you created a render job

  4. Start At: The time your render job started rendering

  5. Completed At: The time your job completed rendering

  6. Render by: CPU or GPU - The device used to render your render job

  7. Progress: The completed percentage of rendering progress.

  8. Status: Show that your job is initializing, rendering, or completed

  9. Cost: The number of credits you spent to render your job.

  1. Actions:

    • View Details: see more details about your jobs

    • Pause: stop your rendering jobs temporarily

    • Delete: delete your jobs

    • Clone: duplicate jobs you launched to re-render

    • Outputs:

      • Browse outputs: see all outputs and download each of them

      • Download all outputs: download all outputs at the same time.

      • Sync outputs to Google Drive or Dropbox

3S Cloud Render Farm currently supports Blender, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact 3S for further support.

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