Common issues for Blender

These are common issues for Blender to support you to render on 3S Cloud Render Farm.

1. Fail to analyze

If you face with this issue, your data may have not been synced completely to our render farm. 3S suggests you wait for at least 5 minutes and then re-analyze the file. If it still doesn't work, feel free to let 3S know for more support.

2. Fail to submit job

There are some reasons for this issue. So, if you are unable to submit job successfully, don't hesitate to contact 3S for checking.

3. Unusual long render time

Maybe out of memory caused this problem. So, 3S suggests you use GPU 32 GB VRAM or move to CPU (moving to CPU is highly recommended).

4. Render fail

If you are facing this problem, maybe it is due to:

  • Lack of .blend file => Please pack file before uploading:

  • Out of memory => 3S recommends using GPU 32 GB VRAM or move to CPU (moving to CPU is highly recommended).

If it doesn't still work, feel free to let 3S know for more support.

5. Incorrect Output

A lot of our customers have their unexpected render output due to the missing assets. So, you can take a look back at your assets and upload the missing assets to our system before re-rendering.

If there is no missing asset, the cause may be in your asset path. If the asset file is not at the same location in the project folder as it is at your local computer, there will be a chance that 3S can not find the connection between asset files and your project folder. In this case, please set the path of the asset file into the relative path.

6. Output lacks the effect of simulation (water, smoke,...)

You should check your cache file again. It seems like you are missing the cache file or its path may be wrong. Please upload your cache file or fix your cache file path. Click here for detailed instructions.

7. Fail to make payment

In this situation, please check your Paypal account first. If you can not find any problem from your side, please let 3S know for the check. In the best case, you should take a screenshot of the payment screen and send it to us for problem checking.

3S hopes that these common issues will support you to render your Blender projects easier with 3S Cloud Render Farm.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact 3S for assistance.

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