Dashboard Screen

  1. Jobs Active: jobs are rendering

  2. Jobs Completed: jobs completed rendering

  3. This Month Expense: the number of credits you spent this month

  4. Remaining Credits: the number of credits remaining in your account

    • To render on our system, you will need to top up your balance by buying our credits, and 1 credit equals $1.

  5. Cost Estimator: is to estimate the time & cost of your jobs. Please note that:

    • The estimated rates from 3S Cloud Render Farm's Cost Estimator are for discussion purposes only, the actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate.

    • The best way to estimate the cost is by using our Free Preview Render feature.

  1. Notification: notifications, when tasks are completed such as Job, completed or Analysis completed.

  1. More information including Profile, Render History, External Storages, Buy Credits, Payment History, Budgets, Docs, Loyalty, the Logout feature.

3S Cloud Render Farm currently supports Blender, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact 3S for further support.

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